Beau Rêve Farm

Retired botanists/horticulturists never really stop being curious about plants.

Being curious about plants led me to start growing plants indigenous to southern Illinois in my own backyard. Soon I had enough to start selling at farmers’ markets in the area. My other interest lies in high quality foods and combining both has allowed me to grow and sell vegetables and small fruits that I use in the production of pickles, jam, and jellies. Also in the mix are fresh and dried culinary herbs that inspire condiments, herbal and spice blends from the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

My agricultural practices come from years of interest in the French intensive methods, the Jardin Potager, combining flowers and vegetables to produce large quantities of vegetables in a small space. I use a no-till approach and regular crop rotation to help to build the soil web and eliminate the need for use of noxious chemicals and a more sustainable way of growing.

Based in Murphysboro, IL