Acorn Ridge Farm

Acorn Ridge Farm is a small permaculture farm on the north edge of Dongola, Illinois.

Margie Sawicki purchased the farm in 2013 to create a sustainable farm by planting perennial food producing plants, trees and brambles. She started with a small mixed orchard and 50 asparagus crowns. Now the farm has:

  • 400 asparagus crowns
  • 40 fig trees
  • 15 elderberries
  • 20 blackberries and herbs

Margie is a cottage food entrepreneur making fruit shrubs, herb syrups, herb vinegars, spice blends, and fruit jams. She creates delectable baked goods like specialty scones, blueberry pound cake, buckwheat apple muffins, whole grain pancake mix, Ghirardelli fudge brownies, and other delectable small-batch treats. Additionally, Margie makes soaps, lip balms, lotion bars and sugar scrubs upon request.

Margie Sawicki
Dongola, IL